Digital Evidence Management

ASIS Rochester held its first online meeting on March 26 in the midst of the growing COVID-19 pandemic. The topic was Digital Evidence Management.

Tools are now available to make the collection, sharing, reviewing and use of digital evidence such as reports, video files, pictures, and other digital media much more efficient. In a recent case study, University of Texas demonstrated a 25% productivity improvement in their evidence management.

The process is controlled through an authorized request schema in which permissions and authorizations are given to various individuals. That allows them to upload, review and share information as their permission permits which provides much better control than past sharing processes. The individuals using the system do not need to be in the same organization and there is automated tracking of every action taken on the evidence (who/when uploaded, who/when viewed, etc.)

To work well, the Digital Evidence Management system needs to be “Source Agnostic” and allow for a common formatting of metadata for efficient search capability.  

Our guest presenter, Eric Cerestato of Genetec, showed how the Clearance cloud based system for Digital Evidence Management makes this complex process simple, easy to use, secure and provides for significant time savings.

For more information, contact Barb Wood.

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